Monday, February 16, 2009

Making a Decision while Standing in the Ashes

This morning I watched a couple on a popular Christian broadcast telling about how God provided for them after a devastating house fire. This couple's home was completely destroyed by a fire; there was nothing left standing. I was so taken by what the wife said about it. She said that as she stood there looking at the rubble and the ashes of her home, it took all of the faith within her to decide not to question why it happened and to continue to confess that God was her supplier. Instead of complaining she chose to continue to believe and to say that she was blessed by God.
Isn't this the simple essence of faith? Standing in the ashes and deciding to proclaim that God will provide? Isn't this what Abraham did when he 'considered not his own body', but believed that God would give him a son, though he and Sarah were past child bearing years.
So often we want to have a special feeling or sign before we speak by faith. And sometimes we think that because we doubt in our mind, that we cannot have faith. BUT FAITH IS IN SPITE OF!! It's a decision to believe in what we cannot see. In spite of the ashes, the fire, the doubts, the naysayers, the doctor's report, and every other evidence to the contrary, I must say "I believe God's word is true and will prevail, even in my situation." Oh, it's so easy to believe that God will prevail in someone elses situation. But we must learn to do what Jesus told us to do when faced with our own mountain...SPEAK TO IT.
This is faith. Speaking the impossible as we stand in the ashes.
By the way...the couple I mentioned now have a lovely home with twice the acreage as before...more room, a tennis court and huge pool. I don't think she saw these things when she was standing in the ashes proclaiming God's goodness- but HE did.

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