Monday, February 9, 2009

I Can Do All Things....My P.S.

Please note that the scripture says I can do ALL things; not EVERYTHING. For those of us who would like to try to do everything, never say no, and please everyone; take heed! There is a big difference between All things and Every thing. All implies all that Christ asks of us. Everything implies doing everything we want to do. Example: Not too long ago, while I was contemplating a new exercise regime; the Lord spoke to my heart and said "I have not created you to be an athlete." This isn't news to anyone who knows me. Therefore, I will embark on a sound program to keep my body fit, including a good diet and moderate, regular exercise. I will not, however, begin to train for a marathon; in spite of the fact that some friends and family members are doing so, and might encourage me to try. I will not ask Christ to make me a marathoner and then become disillusioned when I fail. I will though, believe God to strengthen my teaching and writing skills, as I believe this is where my giftings are located.

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